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How Chiropractors Know Where To Adjust

At Harbourside Chiropractic, our chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders using manual techniques such as spinal adjustments. Manual adjustments restore joint function and reduce pain by manipulating the spine and other joints. 

Knowing where to adjust the spine is one of the most critical elements of chiropractic care. In order to master this, we spend years honing and perfecting it, and it is not something you can learn in a short period of time. How can we determine where the spine needs to be adjusted?

We, chiropractors, have extensive education and experience to answer this question. Obtaining a Doctor of Chiropractic degree is the first step toward becoming a chiropractor. Anatomy, physiology, and spine biomechanics are all extensively covered in this degree program. Chiropractic education equips chiropractors with the skills necessary to assess and diagnose patients’ conditions and determine which areas of the spine need to be adjusted to offer relief.

The Process of A Chiropractor

As chiropractors, we must use our diagnostic skills once we have the necessary education and experience to locate misaligned or dysfunctional spine areas. In addition to palpating or feeling for areas of tension, X-rays or other imaging scans of the spine can help identify misalignments.

We can determine the type of adjustment that will provide relief once we identify the areas of misalignment. We take into account your individual needs, such as the type of pain you are experiencing and the severity of the misalignment. We will then use our manual adjustment techniques to make the necessary adjustments.

In order to determine where to adjust the spine, chiropractors use a variety of techniques. Initially, the patient will undergo a physical examination. During this process, we may review your medical history, perform a physical exam, and assess your neurological health. If there is any tenderness, swelling, or restricted range of motion, we will examine it during the physical exam. Using this method, we can determine which areas of the spine are misaligned or restricted.

Our chiropractors will use a variety of tests to further assess the spine once we have determined which areas may be misaligned. This may include X-rays, MRI scans, or CAT scans to provide more detailed images of the spine. Our next step will be to identify exactly where the spine is misaligned using these images.

The spine will be manually adjusted once the areas of misalignment have been identified. This adjustment restores spinal alignment, reduces pain, and improves mobility. Are there any factors that may lead you to seek chiropractic treatment

Chiropractors also consider things that medical tests and examinations cannot tell us directly, such as lifestyle influences, daily habits and practices, and past life events that may be affecting you now. This will allow us to customize and personalize our experience with you, as well as give us some insight as to why the pain may be occurring. As an example, when you have back pain, we may check your posture, gait, and range of motion to determine which joints aren’t functioning correctly. An examination may reveal tight muscles, a reduced range of motion in the joints, or an alignment problem in the spine. Let’s take a look at our daily habits that could harm our health and even cause discomfort:

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How Does Your Everyday Life Affect Our Spinal Health?

There are plenty of daily activities and habits that can affect our backs and joints regularly. Some examples include:

Work habits

Do you spend your day sitting at your desk? If so, do you take your posture into consideration? Things like monitor and keyboard placement and the devices you choose to work with may not be compatible with the health of your joints or the comfort of your body. We often hear people online talking about “tech neck”, lower back pain, and other symptoms of working at your desk all day long with no breaks, no stretching, and no mindfulness of your posture. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many of you who spend most of your work days on your feet, like those in the service industry. This can also cause discomfort in your spine.

Sleeping Conditions

The way you sleep at night can greatly affect your physical health. Side, back, and stomach sleeping can all affect your body in different ways. It is also important to consider your mattress and pillows very carefully to ensure that you are not only getting restful sleep but sleep that will not take a negative toll on your body.


Proper exercise is important to keeping your body healthy, but some exercises can cause great strain on your joints. What is right for someone else’s body may not be exactly right for yours. It is important to always listen to your body, and do workouts that don’t cause discomfort to your knees, elbows and lower back. It is also important to warm up and stretch if you plan to have a more rigorous workout. Regular exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy spine, so long as you are doing so in the way that is right for you.


Did you know that the shoes we wear can alter our posture and affect our overall spine health? Many people wear shoes to work that look professional, but might not be the best for your back, legs, feet, and body. For example, wearing elevated shoes like heels can add pressure to your lower back and spine, whereas wearing flat, comfortable footwear can help to evenly distribute the pressure of being on your feet.


Chiropractors determine where to adjust the spine using a variety of techniques. Physical examinations, imaging tests, and manual adjustments are all part of this process. Chiropractic treatment can reduce pain and improve mobility by accurately identifying which areas of the spine are misaligned and treating them accordingly. By manipulating the spine and other joints, this holistic approach to health alleviates pain and improves overall function. Our chiropractors at Harbourside Chiropractic in Jupiter, FL, can provide effective and safe relief to their patients through this complex process. Whether you’re experiencing discomfort or seeking chiropractic services near Jupiter, FL, we can help. Contact us today.